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Welcome to CamCORS

CamCORS is the Cambridge Colleges' Online Reporting System for Supervisions. CamCORS is owned by the Colleges and each College is responsible for its own user and student records on the database. For a list of college contacts see

The CamCORS server and database are hosted and maintained by the University Information Services.


if you are automatically logged out of CamCORS you will not lose any work as long as you log in again straight away without doing anything else and continue with your session. See Automatic Logout. But save your work regularly in any case when typing in reports.

If you are a new supervisor wishing to use CamCORS then you will need to request a Raven account in order to login. Please follow the instructions given here for obtaining a Raven account


Graduate supervisor training

The Senior Tutors' Committee, supported by the General Board, has agreed that from 1 October 2009 all graduate students who supervise should receive appropriate training. Those in Colleges and Departments who are responsible for activating CamCORS supervisor accounts should satisfy themselves that student supervisors have received some training. Guidelines on best practice for training of graduate students who supervise are available online at and online training packages are available via CamTools at

Contact us

If you have a query for a particular College, please contact the College in question. A list of College contact details is available here.

If you have a problem using CamCORS please make sure that you have consulted the relevant online help resources (including the manuals and FAQs). If this fails to solve the problem email


In various places throughout the CamCORS system links are provided to users' email addresses from within each supervision report. You can email the college (supervisions@college, which takes you to the Senior Tutor and other designated office staff); the student; the Director of Studies and the Tutor. You should however remember that an email is basically an electronic postcard, which can quite easily be read by anyone on the local network. It is not good practice to use email for very confidential or sensitive comments.

Use of CamCORS

CamCORS is intended for writing and reading supervision reports to which you have legitimate access. You are reminded that attempting to use CamCORS for any other purpose is contrary to the Rules made by the Information Technology Syndicate (see, and may be a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. All activity of users on the system is logged and offenders will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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