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ASAnglo-Saxon U1ASP1AST1AST2
    AAT1AAT2ARAAT3AR Part IIA and IIB will be subdivided; if in doubt about what supervision they will receive, you can load all three Codes
ARArchitecture U2AART0ART1ART2
ARDArchitecture Diploma U2AARD1ARD2
BABiological Anth U2B AAT2AAT3 Students taking it after MDT1 or NST1 do AAT3
CEChemical Eng U2BEGT0, NST0CET1CET2CET3Choose First Year Code as appropriate
CLClassics U1CLT0CLT1CLT2 3 Year Course
 Classics   CLP0CLT0CLT1CLT24 Year Course
VCClin Veterinary Medicine U3VTE1VTE2VTE3 See note below
COCSComputer ScienceDiploma onlyG2CSD1
CSComputer Science U2BCST0CST1CST2 CST3 is taken by transfers from other subjects
ECEconomics U1ECQ1, ECT1ECT2ECT3
EDEducation Tripos U1 EDT1EDT2
 Education Studies  EEP1EET1EET2
EGEngineering U2BEGT0EGT1EGT2 or MET1EGT3 or MET2 Select appropriate Code
ELEnglish U1ELT1ELT1ELT2 In English, both first and second years should be entered as ELT1
HSHistory U1HSP1, HST1HST1HST2 Use both Prelim and Part I Code for first years to allow supervision reports in Easter Term
HAHistory of Art U1HAT1HAT2HAT3
LELand Economy U1LET0LET1LET2
 Linguistics   LNP1LNT1 Taken as a one or two year Part II
MGManagement Studies U2B  MGT1 Part 2 only: not predictable
MA3Mathematicspt III onlyU2CMAT3   MAT3 as Graduate
MXMaths & CompSci U2CMAT0, CST0CST1, MAT1CST2, MAT2 Select appropriate Code
MYMaths & Physics U2CMAT0, NST0MAT1, NST1MAT2 or Restricted Subject Select appropriate Code
MDMedical Sciences U2BMDT0, MDQ1BD, MDQ1FA, MDQ1HO, MDQ1IB, MDQ1MI, MDQ1MS, MDQ1PA, MDT1, MDQ1HR, MDQ1MD, MDQ1NB, MDQ1PB, MDQ1PCNST2BS or Restricted Subject, MDQ1PC, MDQ1PD Any Exemptions not gained in first year should be added to standard list for second year. Choice of Part II known by mid-July. Insert appropriate Code for Part II Subject
MCClinical Medicine U3MDB1MDB2MDB7 or 8 MDB7 and MDB8 will be used until all students on those courses have left
MLModern Languages U1MLT0MLT1ML00YAMLT2, MLO2Use ML00YA for Year Abroad, to allow reports for Project supervisions
NSNatural Sciences U2BNST0NST1NST2AA, NST2AB, NST2AS, NST2BI, NST2BS, NST2CH, NST2ET, NST2GE, NST2GN, NST2HP, NST2MM, NST2NU, NST2PA, NST2PC, NST2PH, NST2PL, NST2PS, NST2PX, NST2PY, NST2ZO, NST3AS, NST3BI, NST3CH, NST3ET, NST3GE, NST3MMChoice of NST2 known end of July; insert appropriate Part II Code. NST3 predictable from NST2. NST3 is replaced by NST2BS and NST2PS. Part III now has the Code NST3
OSOriental Studies U1OSP1OST1OST2OST2
PHPhilosophy U1PHT0PHT1PHT2
SPSocial & Political Sci U1SPT1SPT2SPT3
VTVeterinary Medicine U2BMDT0, VTQ1BD, VTQ1FH, VTQ1HO, VTQ1IB, VTQ1MI, VTQ1PF, VTQ1VA, MDT1, VTQ1CB, VTQ1MD, VTQ1NA, VTQ1VB, MDT2 or Restricted Subject Any Exemptions not gained in first year should be added to standard list for second year. Choice of Part II known by mid-July. Insert appropriate Code for Part II.
VCClin Veterinary Medicine U3VTE1VTE2VTE3 If you have any student doing the examinations under the Old Regulations, use VTE2OR or VTE3OR as appropriate.

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