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Q. How do I log-in to camCORS?

A. You log-in using your Raven password. If you do not have a Raven password you will need to apply for one. Please see for instructions on applying for a Raven password.'

Q. What should I do if I have forgotten or lost my password?

Please go to

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Q. How do I log-in to CamCORS?

A. You log-in using your Raven password. If you do not have a Raven password you will need to apply for one. Please see for instructions on applying for a Raven password.'

Q. What should I do if I realise that I have made a mistake in a submitted report?

A. If you have made a mistake in a submitted report, email the Director of Studies or the College Office (using the links in the report form) explaining the error. It is now possible for the report to be returned to you for the correction unless it has already been processed for payment. In that case the Director of Studies or the College Office will advise what to do.

Q. Why do I get an error message when I try to create a report form for one or more of my supervisees?

A. If you get an error message, you should first check that the CRSid of the student(s) referred to in the error report is correctly entered.

If you are sure that the CRSid is correct, confirm that you have correlated the student with the correct Tripos Part. It is worth remembering that some students who are supervised for Part II may be entered for the Preliminary Examination rather than the Part II of Tripos (in a very small minority of cases the overlap of papers is with Part IB rather than for Part II). Alternatively, just try to create a report for the same CRSid having selected the Preliminary Examination. A similar problem might arise with a student being supervised for a Qualifying Examination as a Medic or a Vet if that examination is available both as an Exemption and as a part of the Tripos.

If you are certain that the CRSid and the Tripos Part are correct, email the college (for a list of contacts follow the link from in order to sort out the problem. The College may need to check and correct its data entry for this Student Record, since - if the other possibilities have been eliminated - the problem will probably be one of data in CamCORS being at variance with the data you are trying to enter.

The UIS cannot help you with this problem. Responsibility for the data relating to the student lies with the student.s College.

An interesting oddity: If the letters of the CRSid are the same as the standard abbreviation for the name of the month (JAN, FEB etc.), Excel might have generated an error in the creation of the record of which the College is unaware: please let them know of the problem.

Q. Why is there a limit on the length of a report in CamCORS?

A. The current limit on the length of report text in CamCORS is 16 lines of up to 60 characters. It was not originally planned that a limit should be set, but there has been strong pressure for us to keep reports to a size that allows for them to be printed and guillotined to A5 format. Few, if any, reports in the paper system would have exceeded this limit. A number of supervisors, however, in subjects in the arts and humanities in particular, have clearly found that the electronic format and the note-keeping facilities of CamCORS have encouraged more expansive reporting, and would like to see the limit removed. Technically this might mean that every report form, if printed out, would have to be printed singly on a sheet of A4, and since most fall considerably under the present limit this would result not only in an additional expense but also in a waste of paper. It is a pity to restrict unnecessarily the useful recording and reporting facilities offered by CamCORS, but it is also true that the function of the supervision report (as opposed, for example, to the detailed comments written on a student's essay) is to provide an informative summary assessment of a student's performance with constructive recommendations to the student and for the Director of Studies. A warning feature has been implemented which will inform supervisors if they have exceeded the word limit.

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Q. How should I claim payment as a Fellow of a College?

A. Many of you will be submitting supervision reports on CamCORS and sending in claims for payment to a number of Colleges. You simply need to ensure that your "Personal details" are correctly recorded (see the instructions on the "Change personal details" page and in the on-line Manual for Supervisors) and that you have selected the appropriate method of payment.

  • If payments for your supervisions for other Colleges are ALWAYS made to the College of which you are a Fellow, the process is now straightforward:

    1. On the "Personal Details" page choose the "Pay my College" option. This will then appear as the default payment method on all your reports.

    2. CamCORS requires the bank details section to be completed, and you should supply details of the College's bank account. (Colleges have been asked to supply these details to Fellows whose teaching is paid for in this way.)

  • If payments for your supervisions are normally made to your College, but there are individual payments which should be made to you directly, you should choose the 'Pay my College' option on the "Personal Details" page (which will make this the default method), but you will need to supply your own bank details rather than those of your College in order that these other payments may be made.

In either case, if you are using CamCORS to report on teaching for which you do not expect to be paid by a College (e.g. Faculty classes), change the payment method to 'I do not require payment' on each of the relevant reports.

As long as you have selected the "Pay my College" payment option, CamCORS now provides your own College with the details of the teaching you have done for other Colleges, and you should no longer need to supply this information yourself.

Q. How can I claim for supervising a student in two different sizes of group larger than six?

A. If you have supervised a student, for example, once in a group of 8 and twice in a group of 10, you will need to submit two separate supervision reports, one for each size of group. You do not need to write the report itself twice, but in the second report can simply refer to the XRNLI number of the first one (e.g. .This report is supplementary to XRNLI no. xxxxxxx.). While this may seem slightly cumbersome, it should be seen as a reflection of the general principle that supervision is by definition small group teaching, and that CamCORS has not been designed for large group teaching patterns.

Q. Can I use CamCORS to write reports for which payment should not be made by the College (e.g. language classes in MML)?

Yes. Fill in the "hours of supervision" section as normal, but on the payments drop-down menu select "I do not require payment".

Q. Why does it keep sending me back to my personal details when I try to submit my reports?

A. This is because it does not like something in your personal details, even though it says they have been accepted. The most common problems are that there are hyphens in the sort code (there should only be 6 digits) or the NI number is not formatted as required including the spaces (ie 'XX 99 99 99 X'). If you cannot spot the problem yourself please send screenshots to and they may be able to spot the problem for you.

Q. I'm having problems claiming for the reports I've submitted - the error message says that no reports are claimable. What should I do?

A. The error message you are getting lists various reasons for reports not being claimable. Assuming that the reports have been submitted, and have not already been claimed for, the most likely problem is that your Personal Details are not yet complete, or compliant with what CamCORS requires. You should check on the 'Change personal details' page that you have ticked the box saying 'This form is complete' and saved changes. If there is a problem - e.g. with the format of a bank account or NI number, or a missing field - you will be returned to the 'Change personal details' page and if you scroll down you will see the problem area marked in red. Once your details are correct and you 'save changes' you will see a message saying that your details have been updated successfully.

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Q. Do I have to give my own bank details if all supervision payments go to my College?

A. No. CamCORS requires that this field be filled in, but if all payments are made to your College you can supply the College's bank details.

Q. Do I have to give my date of birth?

A. The "date of birth" field may be left blank as long as you supply your NI number.

Q. How do I know that my personal details have been accepted by CamCORS?

A. Ensure that you have ticked the box to confirm "This form is complete" and that you receive a confirmation message "Details updated successfully". Otherwise CamCORS will return you to the "Change Personal Details" screen with any problems highlighted in red and underlined.

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Q. Why do I keep getting 'This page has expired' when I try to move around CamCORS?

A. You are probably using Internet Explorer and moving backwards and forwards through CamCORS. Pages using the navigation buttons, e.g. the 'Back' button. It is recommended that you avoid using these navigation buttons when in CamCORS: the easiest way to avoid such messages is always to move about in CamCORS by going to and from the Main Menu.

The reason why this happens is that nearly all pages in CamCORS are displayed in response to some action being performed, or some information being submitted. They are not just fixed pages that you can visit in any order. The browser is therefore cautious about displaying them out of sequence.

However, if you wish to use the navigation buttons or if you find this message for any other reason, try to keep cool. Click Refresh in the Browser; if that does not work Press shift and click refresh; and if that does not work click back until you hit something you recognise.

If at any point you hit the login page, just login as usual and you should be taken to the last point you were at in CamCORS [that CamCORS is aware of] so that you can pick up from there.

And . especially if you are writing a number of supervision reports . remember to SAVE YOUR WORK FREQUENTLY, AND ALWAYS BEFORE MOVING TO ANOTHER PAGE.

Q. Why can't I see (or print) any reports when I press 'Search to Print'?

A. This is not easily answered: this is an infuriating problem if you are affected by it, and it is more common than one would wish. The problem is not with CamCORS itself but with the interface between various browsers and various editions of Adobe Acrobat Reader, and the precise solution will vary from setup to setup. The following routine has worked with Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 with Internet Explorer.

  • Close Internet Explorer.
  • In Acrobat Reader, click File - Preferences - General
  • In the check-box screen with which you are presented deselect 'Web Browser Integration'
  • Click OK, and exit from Acrobat Reader
  • Go back to CamCORS
  • Try again.

If this does not help you may be able to find some help for your own configuration by going to the following site: The Steering Group is putting together some better Acrobat-specific advice and would be glad to hear from anyone with their own tips on dealing with this problem.

Q. How is CamCORS backed up?

A. CamCORS is hosted and maintained, under a Service Level Agreement with the Colleges, by the University's Management Information Services Division. The CamCORS system is composed of two basic components, the front-end web application and a back-end database. Overnight from Monday to Friday both components are copied to a remote server, then transferred to tape. Daily tapes are kept for one month, and month end tapes for a year, with all tapes stored in a fireproof safe located remotely from the servers. To allow for Disaster Recovery, should a major incident occur at the primary site, a copy of both the application and database is maintained on remotely located servers, with the database being refreshed every 15 minutes.

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