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Automatic logout

Automatic logout

If you have worked on a single page for more than 90 minutes without performing any action which communicates with the server, you may find that you have been automatically logged out when you do try to perform the next action (e.g. saving changes.) You will see a different login page from the one which appears at the start of a new session. You will not lose any work if you log in again straight away, but you must not do anything other than log back in. CamCORS keeps track of what you were trying to do, so that after you log back in you will be taken directly to the relevant confirmation page so that you can carry out the action you wanted to perform. Nevertheless, you should ensure you save your work as you go along, and if interrupted, before you move on to another task.

It may occur that you decide to log out after a long break. In this case, because your session will have expired, CamCORS will present you with a login screen, because it needs you to log in before it knows you are entitled to log yourself out. At this point, you need not log in again if you do not want to.

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